Role of Association

of Tanzania Employers 



⦁    The most representative national EO in Tanzania
⦁    Three regional offices, Arusha, Mwanza and Dodoma
⦁    1 400 direct and 7 800 indirect members. 
⦁    Representation covers all sectors of the national economy
⦁    Secretariat of 15 staff led by an Executive Director appointed by the Management Board. 

ATE currently offers the following services: 

• Industrial Relations

• Representation before CMA and Labour Courts

• Training and Seminars

• Consultancies on HR issues

• Research and Policy Advocacy

• Information and Networking

• Processing of Work/Residence Permits

• Female Future Programme

For more information: attach documents

The attached documents have been translated into Chinese as a guideline. The documents in English will be available upon request.  

  • About ATE 2020 -

  • China Africa Programme -

  • ATE Code of Good Practice -

  • Membership Application Form- 2020 -

  • ATE Collective Burgaining Toolkit -

  • ATE 就业和劳动关系法指南 (ATE Guideline on Employment & Labour Relations & Labour Institution Act) -

  • ATE劳动机构法 (ATE Labor Institutions Act) -

  • ATE就业与劳动关系法 (ATE Employment and Labour Relations Act 25000l) -

  • ATE工作场所雇主艾滋病政策与指南 (ATE Policy on HIV&AIDS) - 

  • ATE纪律和申诉程序工具包(ATE Disciplinary and Grievance Procesures Toolkit)-

  • ATE Circular to Members on the impact of COVID-19 at the workplaces 关于就业和劳动关系及新冠影响的通知

  • ATE Cover page for An Employer's Guide on Managing your Workplace during COVID-19 by ATE & ILO 致会员企业的一封信2

  • ATE Cover Page for ATE Employer's Guide on Working From Home (WFH) May 2020- 致会员企业的一封信

  • ATE An Employer’s Guide on Managing your Workplace during COVID-19 by ATE & ILO+新冠肺炎疫情期间工作场所管理雇主指南(坦桑尼亚雇主联合会和国际劳工组织编制)

  • ATE Employer's Guide on Working From Home (WFH) May 2020 +坦桑尼亚雇主协会居家办公雇主指南2020年5月


Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE)

Dr.Aggrey K. Mlimuka, Executive Director,; +255 784603517

Ms. Joyce Nangai-Ibengwe;; +255 784702670

Plot No. 692, Mikocheni B, Coca-Cola Road,  Tel: +255-22-2780022/23, P.O Box 2971, Dar es Salaam, Email: , Website: Working time: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm